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CEO & Founder Magic Podcast

CEO & Founder Magic podcast

On the CEO & Founder Magic podcast, your host, Sheila Kloefkorn encourages leaders to share not only their expertise, but their stories and their hearts.

Are you a B2B CEO or Founder at the helm of a thriving Technology, Construction, or HR SaaS company? With revenues between $3-50M and a keen interest in scaling through strategic B2B marketing, you could be our next podcast sensation.

Why Join Us On Air?

  • Share Your Fractional CMO Insights: Have you ever considered a Fractional CMO or part-time VP of Marketing to elevate your brand? Dive deep into discussions about the benefits and challenges, and enlighten our audience with your perspective.

  • Industry-Specific Dialogue: Our listeners are keen to hear about the nuances of marketing in sectors like SaaS, IT Services, Cyber Security, Construction, and HR. Share your success stories, lessons learned, and industry foresight.

  • Educate and Inspire: Your journey, from startup hurdles to scaling strategies, can guide and motivate countless peers. Share your wisdom and become a beacon for fellow B2B leaders.

Why CEOs & Founders Choose Our Podcast:

  • Driven by Expertise: Spearheaded by Sheila Kloefkorn, a marketing maven with over 25 years of experience, our podcast promises enriching, expert-led conversations.

  • A Network of Innovators: Join a community of forward-thinking B2B leaders who've shared their stories, strategies, and insights on our platform.

  • Amplify Your Impact: With a dedicated audience of B2B enthusiasts, your episode can resonate, inspire, and drive change in the industry.

Ready to Illuminate the B2B World with Your Story?

Step into the CEO & Founder Magic spotlight. Let's collaborate to inspire the next generation of B2B leaders.

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